I am a happy photo amateur who's had photography as a hobby since I got my first camera when I was 14 years old. After I had moved from home at an age of sixteen, I purchased my first SLR camera, it was a Praktica LTL-3.

After a few years I got a Ricoh SLR, XR-2s with a battery grip, and that camera followed me for quite a long time until I switched over to Nikon. After many years with Nikon film camera, the digital age came and made me buy a Nikon D1 and a Nikon D100. After that I have had several DSLR cameras, all Nikon, until my Nikon D810 which I use today.

This winter, just before christmas 2016, I started to wonder if the time had come to look for camera gear that would be easier to carry around when hiking in the mountains and woods. Part of that was also that I wanted a camera and lenses that would be better to take with me on my motorcycle trips.

My Nikon camera gear is very well organized in a LowePro large ProTactic camera backpack. When it is fully loaded it weights close to 25 kg. Then I have it packed with one camera housing, and lenses that cover the range from 15mm to 600mm.

I have now purchased an Olympus OM-D EM-1 mkII and the PRO lenses that cover the range from 14mm to 800mm, and all equipment is well organized in a ThinkTank Sling-O-Matic so I don't have to take it off to open it and get to the gear, I just sling it around so it get in front of me and then I have access to all of my photo gear. After picking what I want, I sling it back again and I am ready to shoot. This bag weights in at 6,5 kg. That's quite a difference vs the Nikon gear backpack. I'm looking forward to take with me the Olympus gear when the woods are free of snow and the spring and summer sets in.

For editing digital images I have tested a lot of systems and applications, and I have landed on a solution that works for me. My photo editing is done in Capture One Pro X, and for all images I want to put into this web gallery and images I want to post on the internet, like Facebook, Instagram etc, I export those pictures into a LightRoom Watch Folder. In LightRoom I have all the gallery albums set up, and the only thing I have to do, is click on a button called "Publish". Then the images is published to the proper galleries on this website. The reason for me using LightRoom for this, is that the company that have created this publish service have only made this for LightRoom.

For other images, like projects for others, funny stuff I create and manipulate, I use Photoshop since the work that has to be done to those images is far beyond what a photo editing program like LightRoom or Capture One Pro can do.

For photo asset management, I used Extensis Portfolio for a long time, but all photo editing applications today have been quite good at this, so I keep the asset management inside Capture One Pro, LightRoom and Bridge now. That said, Extensis Portfolio has been, and still is, a very powerful asset management tool.

Photography have for me been a fantastic journey throughout all these years, and with the possibilities we all have with digital photo equipment and digital image editing, there will be only our own imagination that will stop the creativity.

Have Fun!